Here is what some of my client's have to say...
"Thank you for setting me up with Betsy. She was awesome! I can't wait to have another reading with her. I was so blown away by all the information she knew about me with a phone reading. I was thrilled with the info she provided! She is a great inspiration and to the point! I had a phone reading, but can't wait to meet Betsy in person!! Thank you!!!"
Daisy P., Southampton, PA
"Betsy is wonderful! Not only is she the most personable and down to earth medium I've seen to this day, but she solved a personal medical mystery in one reading that 7 doctors in 4 years have yet to figure out.  She makes her readings fun, positive and uplifting! Totally worth it! Her reading is relevant, true, and inspiring! You'd be losing money NOT to see her!"  Lauren Z., Philadelphia, PA, Customer Service Supervisor - Whole Foods Market
Years ago I had two readings by Betsy. They were so on-target. She foresaw me moving several times and she saw "school" several times. At the time of the reading, I'd been living in PA my whole life, but several years later I found myself moving to California to get my master's degree, and then I moved to New Mexico. I moved 13 times in 8 years. I mentored a child in school, I went to a ministry school, and then I went to grad school. I had never had secret dreams of moving to California. I'd had no intention of continuing my education. She was right on.Then Betsy moved. I tried for years to find her because I wanted more readings. I was so glad to reconnect with her again recently. Betsy is a delight. Cindy G hospice worker, teacher/writer Dublin, Pa
Betsy has been “reading me” for over ten years; over that time, Betsy became a trusted guide I could consult for direction. Introduced by a mutual friend, Betsy’s personable, informal style won me over. Betsy’s specificity and technical accuracy regarding my field of expertise dispelled any lingering skepticism I may have harbored about the readings. At times, I would remind Betsy of something very technical she mentioned in a previous reading, and because it was out side of her “terrestrial” fund of knowledge, she would not recall that part of the prior reading. This signaled to me that she really was in touch with guides specific to me, and not giving some general information or pandering. Betsy’s reading style has also impressed me: when there are complexities in the decision at hand, she explores several possible paths. Her personal spiritual wisdom, combined with the information from the guides, help shape the reading. She has persistently reminded me that what I may conventionally/initially perceive as a “positive” or “negative” event may be working for a different purpose, perhaps even for the opposite one, in the overall arc of my life. It is this contextualization that sets Betsy’s readings apart from more trite ones. I have many examples to prove the accuracy of Betsy’s readings: simple things, like travel destinations. But the predictions about people that have yet to enter my life stand out most. For example, regarding my serious illness, Betsy predicted two important healers would eventually help me, months before I met them. One Chinese Medicine practitioner, one energy healer: both helped me begin to recover. In the absence this guidance, I perhaps would not have been as open to these individuals. In summary, Betsy’s readings have helped me open to new opportunities, possibilities and directions that I may otherwise have missed. I strongly recommend Betsy’s readings for anyone weighing elements of a complex decision or seeking help with direction. Lynnea  from Raleigh, NC
I've been a client of Betsy Thomson's for 10 years now. A close friend of mine was always raving about her so I decided to make an appointment. I can tell you it was an amazing experience as everything she told me about my past and present were so on the money, it was eerie. Then as the future predictions came about I really became a true-blue client. I keep going back to her because I know she's the real deal. She's a very gifted, compassionate, wise, generous person who truly cares about her clients and will take the time to talk you through whatever it is you are experiencing in your life at the time. I rave about her all the time and am constantly recommending her to family and friends! Nada  from San Francisco, California
I have known Betsy for 10 years now, the Universe made sure we met, for one reason or other. The first time she gave me a reading, I was going thru difficulty in my life in different areas, whether it financial, marital, or physical, and even when my dad passed at that time, she gave me my first reading and I was in awe with everything that Betsy addressed. She at that time helped guide me, tell me what was imperative to focus on and deal with, especially opening me up to my spiritual growth. When she gives you your reading, she asks you if you want an over view, and then she taps into your energy, you will get and hear what you need to hear for your Highest Good at that time, and trust me if you want to know anything, whether it's about someone who crossed, where and when are you moving, anything physical, your direction with career, you WILL hear the Truth, and what you need to do to Grow. The readings she has given me have been 85 percent to 100 percent, dead on. I have taken everything that has given and shown me, and I give her most of the credit, for helping me, move, grow, heal to help me remember who I am in spirit. She has helped me thru, a divorce, financial guidance, helping me to know my son David 19, better, she helped me and guided me to remember, to be in the NOW, and not live in the past. I could go on and on, but, I'm going off now to enjoy my life, as I have been blessed to do so, with the help of Betsy, who is now one of the dearest people in my life. The best thing you can do for yourself is get a reading from Betsy, even if it's just for 30 minutes, trust me you will end up being very grateful that you connected with you.

Peace and Blessings.   Linda from Lancaster, PA
Jeez I’ve known Betsy for what, 10 years now? A friend of mine wanted to go see her in a café downtown where she was doing mini-readings. The first thing out of her mouth was “the guy you just met? It won’t last long term”. I was stunned. I had just started seeing this guy and thought I really liked him. Well needless to say...I’ve had several other readings with “Bets” over the years. There are things that she has predicted that have blown me (and others) away. But it’s not only her intuitive ability that draws me to her. Its her wisdom, her kindness and her unique way of communicating that helps you to really grasp the wholeness and totality of who you are…the essence of your true self. Betsy has helped me to become a better human being. She’s helped me to accept my flaws and fears, my triumphs and disappointments. She also encouraged me to continue to follow my dream of becoming an actress. I’ve wanted to give up on many occasions, because of self-doubt and because I didn’t think I had the strength to persevere. Betsy assured me that I did and that success would come my way. And guess what? Things are starting to look up! I will happily and confidently seek Betsy’s guidance for many, many years to come.  Toni from Philadelphia, PA

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