Code of Ethics

As a member in good standing of the American Tarot Association I support and follow a strict Code of Ethics.

1.  I recommend you seek competent medical or psychological assistance from a healthcare professional if you have a disease, illness or disorder.

2.  I recommend you seek competent financial assistance from a banker, broker, or financial consultant before you make any financial transactions.

3.  I recommend you seek competent legal assistance from a qualified attorney at law if you have any legal problems.

4.  I will strive at all times to give you the very best advice of which I am capable.

5.  Tarot cards are not fortune cards and they are not used for fortune telling.

6.  Tarot cards cannot help you change, understand, or manipulate someone else, only to understand what is happening to you.

7.  In order to best respond and to direct the tarot's energy, I will rephrase your question if necessary.

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